The million dollar question

I imagine for all those committed to veganism the same question must be asked day after day. So what do you eat? Apart from grass...hehehe...

I must admit I was one of those persons. It is very difficult to imagine that everyone does not eat what you eat and like what you like. 

In my case the most important question was: Why should I be vegan? Is it because I don't want to see animals get killed or because of the health benefits or simply because I want to be different. 

In my case is the first two ones, and who knows maybe deep down also the third one. 

Once you make the conscious decision to address one of your behaviours/habits then there will be real change. Otherwise, forget about it. You will fail miserably. 

I took the plunge and my goal was to be vegan. I went from eating meat to vegetarian and finally to vegan. Stop eating cheese was the hardest bit. However, I want to think that my sacrifice will be beneficial for the well-being of animals and for the survival of our specie.. 

So what do I eat? Apart from grass and flowers... well everything! Except anything containing meat, dairy or any other animal product. The best thing is next time you go shopping, choose carefully what you buy. If you make sure you only have vegan products at home you cannot go wrong! 

So I have homework for you. First, ask the question, why do you want to go vegan? Secondly, next time you go shopping buy only vegan products.

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