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I used to work with someone who went from vegetarian to vegan. Straight away I was wondering so what do you eat? Nothing, right?! No cheese, no dairy, no eggs, no meat and it goes on. Well my diet is mainly that. I could never go vegan or even vegetarian.

Getting used to not being able to order anything in most places.. grumpy face..

We all spent a lot of time in social media, and most of the time is a waste of time. However, great things have also come out of gossiping others people’s profiles, like this one. I decided to click on a video about the environment and animal welfare that my friend had posted. When I started watching it, I was overwhelmed, my mind was going one thousand times faster, I was crying at the end of it. I could feel the suffering of those animals like I have never done before. It turner my world upside down! This is when all the information that my brain has acquired through time finally clicked. I came to understand the relationship between our specie and other animals. Most of my preconceptions about the world had to be challenged. It was difficult and exciting at the same time. I started reading articles, basically any type of document I came across online from any source. It helped me have a better understanding of what it meant. Veganism is not only a diet is a way of life. Is challenging the status quo. Is challenging everything you do or though it was the right way of doing things.

It took me a few months to go completely vegan. I cut completely on meat and fish but I would still consume cheese and eggs. Stopped drinking milk but still had yogurts. I still used to buy meat for the boys. Until one day I decided that I wasn't going to buy anymore. I am not stopping the children from consuming it but I am not buying it or cooking it. I have to recognise that at times all these changes would put pressure.

I am very proud to what we have achieved so far and we are always on the look for new and exciting recipes. We taste more and more flavours every day. This is one of my favourite things about plant based food.

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