Raphael only likes chocolate

I just wanted to write in order to share my tips and allow my frustration flow from my mind. 

Raphael, is my youngest. He is just over two. Take a look at his appearance.

You would say: he is gorgeous, like a little angel!

And I would reply back: most of the time, the other half he is a super inquisitive little monkey.

He is a cheeky monkey and he is the only one that gives lots of cuddles and kisses. The oldest one is too big for that... he is only five! 

Food is something I love and I have tried to expose my family to as many flavours as I know. Colombian food, Spanish, etc... a bit from everywhere.

My oldest has always been a superb eater. I remember giving him onions and any type of herb I was cooking with. However, with Raphael I didn't managed to do this. Maybe this is the reason for chocolate being his favorite food. 

One day I asked both of my boys: if you could be as word what would you be? Can you guess what Raphael said? That's right! Chocolate! 

The fact that they are becoming a bit pickeer makes my daily cooking a bit more of a challenge. How can I make something they will eat, that is vegan and that it will contain all the minerals and vitamins they need?

So I started experimenting with the nutribullet and blending vegetables. I think the best one yet is the Gruffalo Pizza. I blend kale, spinach and any other veggie that looks lonely in the fridge and mix it with the dough. Making pizza is super easy. And like this they think that they are eating a margarita pizza. Only with tomato sauce and my cheeky vegan cheese. 

Today I made pasta and blended some carrots, red pepper and courgette which were saute in dairy free butter with a bit of garlic and seasoning. Baked and topped with vegan cheese. Yum yum! 

So if you have little ones I hope you find this useful. Let me know how creative you are! Share with me your tricks! 

Big hu

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