Brighton veganlicious

Last summer we went to Brighton for my birthday. It was fantastic. Cant wait to go again. It was super sunny, you could smell the ocean and people were very friendly.

We discovered the vegan alley with plenty of options for breakfast, lunch, dessert, coffee break... Trip advisor was extremely useful. Definitively would recommend using it. Most of the restaurants were amazing, we spend so much money on food... more than the whole trip.

If you are vegan or thinking about it, make a trip in the summer to Brighton. It will convince you and show you that you are not missing anything. As a birthday present I had a massage but not any, I had a chacra massage, it was incredible.

This trip also allowed my oldest one to learn more about veganism and experiment.

Another reason for travelling was that I needed some food inspiration. Some times when you are repeatedly cooking the same food every day, every week, its very easy to fall into monotony. I enjoy tasting dishes prepared by creative cooks.

Brighton is a must if you are a vegan or thinking about it!

#brighton #vegan #cambridge #veganfood #beach

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