Please dont be a vegan when on holiday

I love going away, meeting new people and discovering new places. If you do too than you know how difficult is to be completely strict with your diet. I found a lot of pressure from friends and family but also from myself. I dont want to be the difficult one when everyone is eating everything. You can feel how people are looking at your plate and rolling their eyes when you say no thank you to meat or cheese.

Everyone evolves at different times and when you find yourself with family who believe that meat is essential or the rule, it can be very uncomfortable. I didnt want to disrespect anyone, wanting to be a good host and at the same time staying true to my believes and principles. 

I have to say that before going vegan I was rather critic of those who were vegan or even vegetarian. I found it a challenge to understand why someone would not eat other species... Its crazy how things can change. Now I am the other, the strange and the difficult.

Language has also been a challenge when travelling and trying to explain what vegan is. When I was in Germany we went to a bakery with a sitting area and the lady was taking the orders. I asked could I please have a decaff soya latte. She laughed in a friendly manner. No coffee, no milk.. what type of coffee is this? here you go, she said... 

I very much though that Germany was the capital of vegetarians but I was mistaken. The friends I met in University were probably the exception. They are very big in bio though. 

Now that we are going to Spain, with all the exquisite cuisine, it might be more of a challenge but I will be strong and put my foot down.

One of my favourite foods: Tofuu with spinach and hummus... must try! 

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